Picture it, Sicily 1922... Ok, that just sounded like a great way to start this blog in my head. I've only seen a handful of the series, "Golden Girls", but enough to be captivated by the friendship those women shared with each other...among the non-stop laughter. If you know anything about me, you know that I love my friends and I love to laugh...a lot...very loudly!

I met Allyson a few years ago through mutual friends. I had just moved back to Dallas and we were at a sushi restaurant where I was slightly intimidated by all the beautiful people at the table. I sat beside her not knowing many others there, but it wouldn't be long before we all would be swapping stories and hearty laughter.

After that day, I didn't give much thought to seeing her again even though we all had a great time, but a few months after that we met up at another mutual friends birthday party. We made it a point to swap business information and social media accounts. From then on, we pretty much became pretty good friends, but as with most good had to come to end (not in a morbid way though, lol)!

Just as we were becoming pretty well acquainted, she blind-sides me with the amazing announcement of a new job opportunity with a lab near New Orleans. As sad as it makes me to lose my buddy, it's always great to hear about those close to you getting to follow their dreams.

Allyson, in our short time you have been such a strong supporter of me and my photography business, I pray that God blesses you in the same capacity. We'll miss you here in Dallas...


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