Those little feet, those little hands, that little nose, those little lips...newborns just make your heart so full. There are only a few things in life that are so pure, but the birth of a new life is certainly one of them. My favorite bundle of banks had their 4th beautiful son in December. Boy oh boy, it's amazing how friends can become family and their life changes impact you as well. The birth of their son was so spiritual for me than I would have imagined. Jaalisa and Brendan are some of the two most amazing individuals and if I could have it my way, they would train every parent on how to be a parent, lol! No, they aren't perfect, but I believe the way they are raising these young boys will be monumental to all of our future.

I'll stop right there before I start getting emotional again, but take a look at this awesome little blessing...Brevin Leon!

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