Twila + Weldon Wedding


So you know how life goes...we're born and our parents love and adore and cry for every little new thing we learn all the way up until that first full day of elementary school. Even then, they fight to hold the tears back because time is flying by and their little baby is growing up faster than they ever would have imagined! Being the children, we just want to gain our own independence and be on our own as fast as possible. Thinking back on those years, I really wish I would have enjoyed them a bit more. *Ok, focus Marscel*

...oh yea, so we grow up, go off to college in hopes of finding out what we will do with our lives. Soon you find out, that's something even most grown-ups don't figure out until well after college. If that is the case for you, hopefully you're lucky enough to find someone to spend some of those years with, something like a true love!

Welllll, leave it to these two good looking folks to have figured out. Twila and Weldon are some of my classmates from Louisiana Tech. I met Weldon through the football team where he played and I was manager and Twila was the campus pretty girl, lol! Actually she's pretty darn smart when it comes to the sports business, so it's practically a match made in...uhh, ESPN Heaven (applause for attempt at wittiness)! Together with Kyle, they make this young, pretty family. It was such an honor being able to be their photographer along with Jaalisa Banks of MikaylaFayes Photography out of Dallas, Texas and Franklin D. Williams of FjrStudios out of Richardson, Texas! The photobooth session was pure fun, just great times all around!

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