Anyone who knows me, knows that I come from a pretty large family; children of Abraham & Pearline Harris. I guess my grandfather lived up to his name and I am so glad he did. To have cousins, aunts & uncles, siblings, etc., all in different generations makes for a pretty awesome dynamic growing up. Christi is one of my cousins that I grew up with here in Dallas, so it was only appropriate that as she begins celebrating her 40th birthday that we start off in West End area of Dallas. I remember the days where you could visit the West End Marketplace to enjoy games, candy, and good times with your friends & family. We had a great time reminiscing on those good ole days, but also so encouraged about what the future has for all of us.

We've all moved away to go to college, come back home, start careers, relationships, families, and the such. It's always good to do like India Arie says and "come back to the middle" sometimes. Love this lady so much and how she's supported me...oh, and how GOOFY we all are as a Harris family...non-stop laughter!

Take a look...enjoy...and wish her a Happy Birthday! Love you cuzzo!

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