Christiana's 30th


This past year was one of revelation. Really being able to the progression that my family has made over the year is humbling. We've all come a long way from cramped car rides to Louisiana or sleeping 3 to a bed while at our grandparents house. So much love and so many lessons in our humbling beginning, it's really good to look back and celebrate how far we've come. When my cousin Christiana asked me for ideas about doing her portrait session for her 30th, I was pretty excited. We wanted to really try something new that we hadn't done before. That lead us to create a video...mixed media of sorts. This is a combination of creativity, design (thanks to another cousin who made her amazing Dallas jersey).

So happy to be able to share these images and video. Happy Birthday Lady...I love you!

Chris-8 Chris-30 Chris-9 Chris-11 Chris-10 Chris1 Chris-5Chris3Chris20 Chris-6

Christiana's 30th from Marscel Harris-Parker on Vimeo.

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