When you're young, you always wonder what you'll be and what you'll be doing when you're a "grown up". What city will I live in?, What car will I drive?, What kind of house will i have? These are questions that we ponder as we get closer to adulthood. I don't know about most of people, but I know I'm a far cry from anywhere I thought I'd be. One thing I've learned though (In the words of India Arie), Life is a Journey, not a destination! Ok, I could take that verse and pretty much use the rest of this to talk about my love affair with her vocals on that song and its message, but I'll focus and not bore everyone :p Denard is a friend of mine I met in Dallas through a mutual friend. He contacted me to help him come up with something photo-wise for his 30th birthday and I got the creative flow going! He's an engineer from Houston and a Prairie View A&M University alumnus, which is very cool because of some of my family are diehard PV alums as well. If you've gone to any HBCU before, you know how spirit filled their football games are even more-so the halftime that features the band and drum majors. It was actually Denard who lead the Marching Storm band as drum major and it was pretty much one of the starting points of him becoming a mover and shaker which has spilled over into his personal and professional life in North Texas. When not working hard, you'll more than likely find him doing the work of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated or pretty much attending some type of BUPPIE event in the city, lol!

As I stated before, you always wonder what you'll be when you grow up...if I could have planned it, I would have wanted my life to be as together as this guy's. I'll stick to the struggling creative's life for now, lol!

Happy (early) Birthday Denard, 30 will do you well!

Anywho, check him out....enjoy!

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