Personal: Keep pushing, keep striving...


So how often do you wake up in the morning and lay in bed thinking about what the rest of the day has in store. Maybe you're contemplating the job search ahead, caring for kids, paying a bill, or a stressful job with a demanding boss. Whichever it may be, sometimes moreso than others, it can be a little harder to stay motivated, positive and push through the day.Jasmine-Star-DIY-Bridal-Bouquet I recently came across an Under Armour advertisement showcasing Misty Copeland, Steph Curry and other athletes. Thanks to social media and meme's, I know who these two athletes are and small part of their story. The ad depicts them all practicing their respective fields...showing thousands of duplicate copies of themselves doing the same action over and over. The concept is that we all are a sum of what we do. All the hours of practice, training, and hard work leads exactly to who we are today.

This past weekend I took the challenge of making a floral bouquet for a bride that I was photographing. I had just watched Jasmine Star speak about DIY Bouquets during PhotoWeek on CreativeLive for a styled shoot and I thought this was the perfect chance for me to give it try. I headed to the Dallas Farmer's Market & Trader Joes to pick out the perfect buds. I initially thought it would be much more easy than it actually was...there is an art to floral arrangement, so kudos to florist for sure!

All that being said, this morning I was able to see a common thread in all of these stories. From the grouping of flowers, to the athletic practices, to pushing through daily personal struggles, it was as if God really was reaching out to my heart and encouraging me.Bridals-58

Every piece of the work that is put in yields a single result, but it's the combination of those results that really produce something beautiful.

So if I can do anything, I pray that God really opens the eyes for that person who maybe struggling with the place they are in today. Pray that they stay encouraged and continue to work hard each and every day. While you may not be exactly where you want to be and maybe can't even see where you're going...keep working at it. Today you are the sum of everything you put into work in your past...Tomorrow you will be better and next year even greater!

Keeping pushing, keep'll all work together to produce something truly beautiful!


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