Personal: Don't Quit


So you're doing everything right. Working out, eating clean, meal prepping, etc. Man, you are just impressed with yourself every day you keep on track. Then there is that office potluck for the 3rd time this month or your friends invite you out for drinks in which you cancelled the last 2 times, so you HAVE to go this time! Right?! ...or

You've been to church every Sunday the past couple of months. You've paid your tithes, been to bible study, and kept up your morning devotion faithfully. Then there is the vacation you took and missed church twice in a row, bible study you skipped to catch up on work from while you're out of the office and the devotions that you put off in order to try and keep on your workout schedule. Oh yea, your car was acting up and you had to use some tithe money to get it fixed! Right?!

Seems like sometimes just when we're in our groove, we get derailed. IT can be a valid reason or we just get lazy, there is always something that pops up to push off track and make it just that much harder to get back to it. Recently I've challenged myself to a fast (social media, TV, sweets, etc.) in order to get back on track. Re-calibrate of sorts and see what God has to say to me so that I can make sure to live my life to its full potential. During this process, it's so great to have friends and family that support and encourage me to keep at it. Monica and Micah are two great examples for me on a consistent basis. Whether it be fitness and eating healthy or self-work by spiritual and educational challenges...both of these folks excel! Now I know they have their own struggles (Micah can tell you that Monica's homemade desserts can break anyone off their diet), but they never stop striving and that's encouraging to me! Boy does it get hard, but I'm always reminded to keep on going, DON'T QUIT!

I've been listening to a lot of sermons and came across T.D. Jakes message on "Defying The Urge To Quit". It's amazing how God lines things up exactly when you need to hear them and this message is right in line. Not sure who may need to hear this, but I felt like opening up a little of myself to you guys. Venture over to his website and take a listen, trust me, you'll benefit!


"You will never be defeated by what people say about you, you will be defeated by what YOU say about you."

-T.D. Jakes


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