Engagement: Amber & Patrick


You have to love Austin, Texas. From Lady Bird Lake to the donuts in Round Rock, everything has the same sort of laid-back greatness that you come to expect. When I lived there after college, I could count the ways I could spend my time hiking, kayaking, or just enjoying the sights and sounds of Sixth Street. While I love Dallas and had to make sure I made my way back here, a few things that I left behind were great friendships. Amber & Patrick were two of those people. We were the 3 amigos for a very long time until they decided that they liked spending time together (without me around, lol). I've been able to see a lot of romances blossom and this one is very close to heart.

Patrick is the epitome of understanding and care. Regardless of what life throws into the mix, I have no doubt that he'll be right there by Amber's side battling it out. Amber is my spirit-animal! Everything I ever wanted to say aloud, she was right there to make sure it was heard. I can't wait until October to make a trip back down and see them tie the knot, but in the mean time, take a look at their engagement portraits and wish them much success...


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