Engagement: Chasity & Franklin


This is it, this is the big one. This is the one we all knew was coming, but still couldn't believe that was finally here. The young guy all the way from Haynesville, Louisiana was able to navigate his way from a young boy to a man, to this moment in finding his forever. Ok, I'll give Frank a break, but to say that I'm proud of who he as become is an understatement.

We were two young guys, in college, trying to devise a plan to take over the world...with art! He always had the natural talent, but mine had to be crafted over time. From SGA counter parts to brothers in Kappa, I really have been able to see first hand all of the successes and failures that we all are presented that makes us great.

Chasity is a breath of fresh air in the whirlwind craziness that Frank can put himself in. Projects, photoshoots, design work, running a business, going to church...they all take such big parts of his life, but each time he looks at her, there is a stillness that hoovers. She's sweet and caring; soft spoken, yet firm. It always feels like home when she's around.

I can't wait to photograph their wedding later this year, but I'm glad to share the beginning of this story with everyone. The legacy that is about to begin is something I'm sure you'll want to follow for a long time to come!

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