Engagement: Deseree & Tito


Acid, Latin, Model, Smooth, Funk, Neo-swing...I had no idea there was so many sub genres of Jazz music,. While Tito may love one and Deseree prefers another, but their love for music is no doubt one of the catalyst in their love for one another. Tito and I are former coworkers from my first job moving back to Dallas. One of the rare cool guys from Houston that actually doesn't bash and mention in every other conversation how much better South Texas is compared to North Texas. I mean, we all know Dallas runs this state anyway ;-) ...but yes, back to these  amazing people. I met up with him and his amazing fiance Deseree over coffee one evening to discuss their vision for their engagement session. After 5 minutes of discussion, I knew this was going to be one full of energy, personality, and laughter. We watched the weather like a hawk leading up to the session day. It seems that every weekend,other than the one we booked, was perfect and rain was in the forecast. By the time Saturday rolled around, the heavens blessed with perfect overcast skies and a cool breeze that allowed them to hug each other a little tighter throughout the session.

The word Authentic comes to mind when you experience being in company with these two. Check them out & wish them tons of success on this new journey their about to take!


Gosh, you two make it look so easy!SONY DSCCollage3You are one beautiful bride-to-be Deseree. SONY DSCCollage7Believe it or not, Tito actually mentors young GQ models in the art of "Blue Steel".SONY DSCSONY DSCCollage4Love how easy they can get wrapped up into one another.SONY DSCSONY DSCCollage5SONY DSCCollage6SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCRedo2We couldn't have this day photographed without all of family present.SONY DSCSONY DSCCollage8SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCCollage9Tons of fun...none-stop action!SONY DSCCollage10SONY DSCSONY DSCCollage13SONY DSCSONY DSCCollage14These two made me fall in love with Deep Ellum again.SONY DSCSONY DSCCollage15SONY DSCCollage16SONY DSCSONY DSCComplete professionals at this...SONY DSCCollage18SONY DSCRedo1SONY DSCCollage17SONY DSCSONY DSC