Engagement: Fran & Frank


When I say I hope everyone had as great of a time during their college years as I had, I mean it! I'm so blessed to have met amazing people from every walk of life you can imagine. One of those awesome pair of people I was able to cross paths with, were Fran & Frank. Joy and Peace are two words that come to mind when you see them interact together. Frank letting anyone and everyone know, "This is going to be wife" as we passed by them was just one way you could tell, this was his best.! Whether you went to class together, ate outside at the red tables, or just crossed paths in quad, there is such a since of belonging and unity that that time at Louisiana Tech gave all of us. I was honored to be able to capture these two as they celebrate the countdown to become one. Not only were they tons of fun, they make these look super easy and visually stunning!

Wish them blessings and take a look...

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