Family: Chavis


A couple of weeks ago, one of my best friends gave birth to her second child, Journee! The excitement that we both spoke about leading up to and afterwards has been still steadily increasing. To see her and her husband Prince bring a life into this world, while their first son grows into a little person with his own personality, is still a little surreal sometimes. I think about how far we've all come from sitting at the red tables outside of the Louisiana Tech Student Center. Life has this funny thing of happening when you're having fun. When she asked me to take portraits of their little family, there was no question about it. Being at the park and watching Prince & PJ play football and Jasmine & Journee watching them brought back those days of carefree living. Springs in the Quad and the liveliness of Centennial plaza all came rushing back immediately. While I can't wait to see what amazing people that PJ and Journee grow into, I"m in no rush whatsoever. I need just a few more years between now and the "crazy Uncle HP with the camera" years, lol!

Take a look...

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