Jaalisa B.


So if any Beyhive fan is like me, you're waiting around for a new album before the Formation Tour kicks off. I mean, she won't go on tour without a new album...right?! Right?! ...but yea, what better way to get your mind off that entire issue than to go take birthday portraits of your amazing friend while she turns up to "Formation" in an ally?! Yep, it totally happened! Jaalisa is a powerhouse; 5 beautiful kids, awesome man of the law husband, baking skills that will make you slap your mama, and all while looking amazing. I mean, I couldn't ask for a better sister.

Take a quick moment and wish her Happy 28th Birthday!

IMG_2410 JB1 JB2 IMG_2501 JB5 IMG_2528 IMG_2591 JB4 JB3

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