Jordan M.


What age was transformative for you? 16, 18, 21, maybe even 30?! I'm sure for some, they may even be waiting on that time to come. In my opinion, it's really not at a certain age, but more so events in time or over time that really mold and shape who we are and who we want to be. I believe Jordan would say he's at one of those places in his life. As if getting in a car accident the day before our session together wasn't enough, he still came out and did all the crazy things I request of my clients. This is one formidable guy. It's been a tough week for me personally, but seeing people like this certainly help me stay motivated to keep pushing!

A countdown to a milestone birthday isn't just about being older, but also about really digging deep into who you are and how you want to express that. I'm not sure what plans are in store for Jordan, but I'm quite sure he's ready for it!

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