Nadia + Ryan Engagement


Laughter is infectious, at least that's what I've been told about my own. I love to laugh as much as the next person, but sometimes you come across your match that is in sync with your sense of humor. I met that match during my junior year of college at Louisiana Tech and her name was Nadia Morgan. I don't think I've ever fell in love with a friend as fast as I did with, laughter and all. Hailing all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana, her pint-sized dynamite personality made a lasting impression that I will never forget. After all these years of us knowing each other, when she let me know that she was engaged and ready for some engagement portraits, there was no doubt in my mind that I just HAD to be the one to do them. I was just hoping she felt the same as me :-) Thankfully, she was! My friend had been found and courted by a pretty awesome guy name Ryan who swept her off her feet. Now when I tell you guys, this is no simple's not a simple feat! Nadia has a heart of gold, but it's pretty keen on sifting through the rift raft too. We spent many college nights discussing relationship successes and failures and one thing I can confidently say...if Nadia gave you the seal of approval, you're pretty good in my book.

Nadia introduced me to her pretty cool fiance Ryan when we met up in Flower Mound, Texas for their session. He's a personal chef (Flavor Creations) from New Orleans as well. I was able to taste just a little of his mastery and I can't wait for their September wedding so I can try some down in the Big Easy! Their love for each other and interaction is so easy going and really put my heart in the right place about her future together. From life scares at the local gas station, to car games in Ruston, Louisiana that lead to car sickness (Hahaha)...I know that if God has even half in store for them, that he had for my time knowing Nadia, that they will have an awesomely wild and blessed ride ahead of them.

I can't wait to see these two crazy kids walk down the asile, until then...this is a look into their love!

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