Wedding: Nadia & Ryan


The big day came and went ... and WOW, was it a blast! I had the immense opportunity to watch one of my friends marry the man that she loves in the amazing city of New Orleans. This was my first time visiting the city as an adult and I probably looked like 12 year old the entire time. The food, the people, the FOOD...I can't wait to go back!

Let me focus. Ahhh yes, the wedding, it was great. A day filled with family and love. Nadia was the most cool, calm, and collected bride that I've ever seen, which matched the same temperament of her guy Ryan. If he had one nervous bone in his body, I want to play poker with him...he never showed a bit. Everyone  and everything was so sweet. From the charms that he had her bridesmaids give her 13 minutes after every hour, to his expression when he got his new Movado watch...pure happiness was all around us and it was great to just be a spectator.

Take a look and enjoy...

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