Personal: Ski Trip - Santa Fe, NM


I think I have confession to make: I, Marscel, don't take vacations. Seriously, I really don't. The last legitimate vacation that I can say I had was probably my Senior Class Trip in 2003 to Gulf Shores, AL (Sheesh time has flown by). Yes, I have taken trips. They usually piggy-back on an event or something work related, but not a true "pack your bags, we're going to have fun" type of vacation. A couple of friends and I decided to help my friend Monica celebrate her 30th birthday by going Skiing for the first time. I'll admit I didn't think that I would be remotely good enough to even stand on ski's, but I actually did. I was sore for about 2 days after, but I can honestly say I learned how to ski...I'm a PRO yall, lol! Ok, not really.

Anyway, here are a few shots from this amazing trip. I learned so much about what it means to relax, refocus, and re-energize. I came back to Dallas feeling like I'm truly ready to make this year one of the record books. So wish me the best and hopefully I can share some of this journey with you :-)

(All images taken with iPhone 6)

NMTrip-1 NMTrip-2

I have to admit, I had to have green chilies on EVERYTHING i ate while in New's a MUST!NMTrip-3 Collage1-2 NMTrip-4 Collage2-2 NMTrip-5

I promise there are about 10 Christian radio stations in Santa Fe, but when you're surrounded by this can't help, but think about God!NMTrip-6 NMTrip-7

This Loretto Chapel with the miraculous staircase that a friend from NM encouraged us to check. Pretty cool story!NMTrip-8We took one day to drive up to Taos, NM to visit the Pueblo's. It's history that I honestly had no idea about, but now feel honored to have been able to visit and hear their story from one of their own. Flower was an amazing tour guide! Collage3-2NMTrip-9 NMTrip-10 NMTrip-11 NMTrip-12 NMTrip-13 NMTrip-14 After the Pueblo's, we visited The Gorge Bridge that overlooks the Rio Grande. I've never had anxiety so bad that I had to stop in my tracks and compose myself. I'm not saying that it happened this time around, but...Collage4-2 NMTrip-15 NMTrip-16

True to form, we had to be a little nerdy/awesome and take a hike before our flight out of New Mexico. Once again, I had no idea what a petroglyph was beforehand, but I can say I came back to Dallas a bit more knowledgeable.NMTrip-17 Collage5-2 NMTrip-18 NMTrip-19 NMTrip-20 NMTrip-21 NMTrip-22