Wedding: Ka'Britney & Robert


New Orleans is known for it's food, fun and music! To some it's also known for the love spells it can cast on a young budding relationship. Kay & Robert definitely were under its spell a last December when he asked her to marry him...and so the story began! As many of you are use to by now, these two are also some of my classmates from Louisiana Tech, but the appreciation I have for them runs so much deeper than just a Alma Mater connection...they've become family. I was granted the honor of capturing these two being wed under soft amber lighting in the heart of this amazing city. To say it was beautiful wouldn't do it justice. From the the bridal party and the love they showered over each Kay & Robert individually, to the attention to details in the attire and ceremony...this was such an amazing way to cap off an awesome wedding season for me.

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