Wedding: Whitney & Alton


January can be a pretty unforgiving month for most of the country. The East Coast just got slammed with tons of snow, I can only imagine how that impacted some of the couples getting married there. Weather can be so unpredictable no matter where you are, but I have to say that we were totally blessed this past weekend for Whitney and Alton's wedding. Sunny and in the 70's with pretty much no humidity is a complete joy for a lady, her wedding and her hair. :-) When I ran into Whitney last year during Asper & Randy's wedding and then again during Martina & Eric's, it was always an instant party. Her spirit is so infections, you can't help but to get on board. All 3 of these couples are such a great group of friends and it makes you feel so good to see them stand there time and time again.

While I knew they were engaged, I was secretly wishing and hoping that they hadn't found a photographer just yet. There are just some weddings you know that you HAVE to be apart of. Between last year and this year, I've been overwhelmed with the opportunities that I've been able to have in shooting my LaTech Family.

This wedding was a great mix of young and modern details with that traditional spirit that you come to love about Louisiana. Alton was able to marry his bride in his childhood church and share vows that brought us all to tears...all while Whitney gave us the perfect combination of smiles and laughter as she readily announced her excitement in taking her new last name :-)

I love these two! Take a look, enjoy, and wish them lifetime of happiness..Blog60 Blog59 Blog56 Blog58 Blog57 Blog55 Blog54 Blog53 Blog52 Blog50 Blog51 Blog61 Blog49 Blog48 Blog46 Blog43 Blog47 Blog45 Blog44 Blog42 Blog40 Blog41 Blog39 Blog38 Blog37 Blog36 Blog35 Blog62-1 Blog34 Blog33 Blog63 Blog31 Blog32 Blog30 Blog29 Blog28 Blog27 Blog64 Blog25 Blog26 Blog24 Blog23 Blog22 Blog21 Blog20 Blog18 Blog19 Blog17 Blog15 Blog16 Blog14 Blog13 Blog12 Blog11 Blog10 Blog09 Blog06 Blog07 Blog08 Blog04 Blog05 Blog03 Blog02 Blog01