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Marscel HP Presents is a monthly installment highlighting those things that inspire and move me. From food, places, events, etc., these are ways for others to see what’s going on in my world and even get a little taste to try themselves.

It all started when I thought about all of the amazing small businesses that I come across everyday. Whether it’s those that have hired me to help develop their brand and web presences or friends and family that have started their own, there’s so much that you can just miss. This will give the opportunity to spread the word of these businesses.

Take a look at this month’s feature…

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November’s Feature

A Slice of rose

“Dessert CAN make you happy”

Brianna -

What inspired this?

Since I was a little girl, the kitchen was the place that connected my GrandmaRose and me. She taught me everything she knew and I eagerly took on the challenge of perfecting her recipes. When she passed three years ago, one of the greatest gifts she left to me was her cookbooks. These days, I enjoy experimenting with the hand-written recipes. Every time I bake, I’m connecting to her - keeping her legacy alive and now sharing with others a piece of the love she showed me, through these desserts.

How you can indulge in the love…

This season, Brianna has offered up some of her Grandmother’s most famous recipes to us all. If you would like to take part (The Bourbon Pecan is my FAV), fill out the form below and you’ll be enjoying these amazing sweet treats in no time!

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